Case study of social media – ThinkB4 (1)

1 Your Reputation

Your reputation

Your reputation

Point: Everyone sees things from a different angle. Even one thing, someone feels it is complex, but someone feels it is simple. I understand people have negative or positive opinions. But people need to learn to deal with other people in a well-measured way. On a social media someone does something on purpose for negative reason. It is so serious a matter that you respect others right and reputation when you click “submit”.

Statement: On one hand, I need to respect others right and reputation, and try to give more positive opinions. On the other hand, I will be careful to publish my information, it should be a good way to prevent someone who does something on purpose for a negative reason.

2. Public ExposurePublic exposure


1: For social media developers: Social media designer will work more for legal privacy protection. That should be good way to promote a user’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

2: For social media users: users should publish their personal information cautiously.

Statement: I will carefully set certain privacy protection, on social media programming. This will prevent me from filling out too much personal information online.

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